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Our Sales team consists of dedicated, driven, and insightful individuals who take pride in their comprehensive knowledge of your products and retailer requirements. With experience across numerous categories and collaborations with a select group of manufacturers, our team diligently collaborates with each vendor or factory to evaluate their needs. By devising strategic plans, we determine the most effective ways to work together in pursuit of common objectives and ongoing business growth.

Product Development

We work with our manufacturers and buyers to develop successful new products. We specialize in developing a club strategy based on our 40 years of experience in developing successful Costco items.


Our team boasts a wealth of marketing expertise spanning diverse aspects such as trade marketing, ad creation, and packaging. We are well-positioned to offer support in guiding informed decisions throughout the entire spectrum of general brand management.

Planning & Forcasting

Our team works together on forecasting and planning for your product to guarantee the appropriate inventory is readily available at retail locations. We use analytic tools that enable us to thoroughly analyze sales and crucial details. This allows us to identify trends and ship product in a timely manner. Our proactive approach ensures well-stocked shelves and paves the way for sales success.

Customer Support

We provide full customer support, processing purchase orders, tracking shipments, handling defectives and shortages, manage marketing and advertising funds.

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